Agriculture Photography: Farm: A Moonlit Wheat Field with Clouds & Distant Storm

A horizontal image shows an agricultural scene photographed with only the light from a full moon. At the bottom right of the frame a dirt and gravel road recedes in perspective to the distant horizon with a corn field on the right and an uncut wheat field on the left that also recedes towards the edge of the sky. Almost 2/3rds of the upper frame are a deep blue sky with a handful of stars and white cumulus clouds. In the center of the horizon line a burst of bright light from a storm's lightning strike can be seen.
A Moonlit Wheat Field with Clouds & Distant Storm

Near Potter, Nebraska, a wheat field, soon to be harvested, sits next to a long, straight gravel country road across from a corn field. A night scene lit by a full moon displays white puffy clouds and a lightning strike in a distant storm at the horizon line. Cheyenne County, NE