Falling in love with Vietnam and photography at the same time while driving my tank through the muck and mire of Tay Ninh provence was just my good luck! To have some fun and get a glimpse of my early adventures in the art of photography (complete with beginner mistakes and some happy accidents) click on over to www.tank37.com

That was 50 plus years ago and my passion and curiosity have only grown. What is around that bend in the road? What is over that rise? Creative spirits often have a desire to keep discovering the world and pushing boundaries. My purpose, and mission, is to explore and share what I find with anyone and everyone who is interested in being part of my adventure.  

My work covers a broad spectrum including editorial, agricultural, industrial, energy, both traditional and renewable, travel and transportation. People pursuing their passions are one of my favorite photographic subjects. They allow me to connect, even if it is just for a few moments, at a more intimate level that helps produce an image with greater impact. 

Please, join me to create some great images together! Thank you and enjoy all of your adventures! 

I am John Patrick Phelan. 



All images are copyrighted (I really do go through the process and register them with the United States Copyright Office - it protects me and my clients) and all rights are reserved. Please do contact me if you would like a quote to use any of my images commercially. Many of my images are available for custom prints so please call or email me for print prices. Have a wonderful day!